Soort werkzaamheden:
Zoek een designer die huidige twitter bootstrap design netjes en clean kan maken. (zie testversie op
Alles moet in dezelfde layout blijven, behalve zie onderstaande punten die aangepast moeten worden.
En het mag gewoon een standard default design worden in twitter bootstrap.
Maar het gaat erom dat het netjes en clean er uit ziet, desnoods, gewoon wit,zwart,grijs palette.

Omschrijving van de werkzaamheden:

Hier staat in het engels wat ik precies wil:

For my houseswapping website I need the whole redesigned/updated, that everything looks clean and tight on mobile and desktop view.

The template is build within, trough twig within a symfony php framework. So it will be handy if you know this or have experience with a framework.
The whole project is build with use of github for committing updates, so it will also be handy if you can commit to our github for this project.

The project is running as a test version at :

Here you see how it currently looks. I need it a little more playfull maybe but professional. The website marketplace like, is for people who want to swap houses.

These are the tasks :

Overall Design updates :
1. whole design must be clean and good color palette.
2. Simple and good looking : house swapping logo or maybe text? in header (for mobile and desktop)
3. menu on desktop, must be nice and clean

Homepage Design:
1. h1 header = text: "Kies woonplaats in de Provincie, of klik op MEER> plaatsen in de Provincie"

Cities pages Design:
1. filter is now collapsed, must be uncollapsable with + sign or something
2. h1 woningruil header must look better on mobile!
3. date of ad on good usefull place
4. header of columns : aangeboden & gevraagd, more standing out
5. title of each ad, must be better looking (too long on mobile, better mobile solution for the title?)

Ad page Design:
1. h1 header, must look better and to long on mobile
2. email field removed, users have an account. If they are not logged, they are asked after submitting the comment, to login or create an account
3. comment field bigger, users will send a few questions to the other user trough this form. Enoug space for a few questions + on mobile also suiting the mobile design
4. orange header gone? which suits design better? or another position? I dont know.
5. header text, maybe a max amount of characters shown?

Plaats hier voorbeelden (url, images) van wat je zoekt of aanbiedt

omschrijf hier eventuele bijlagen

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